martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

Kitesurf trolley

My kitespot is 300m away from my house, so it´s a nonsense to go by car. The problem is that we enjoy thermic winds so unless you go to the shore you dont have a clue how much is blowing.
You can do 2 things, go check it yourself and come back and take the right equipment and go again to the beach, or take as much as you can. The 2nd option is not that bad in the way to the beach as you are excited of going kiting, the problem is after kiting  3-4 hours to come back with all that load.
I recognize, I´m lazy and therefore I´ve developed what I´ve called the kitesurf trolley.
It´s an old sunbed in which I´ve attached some beefy wheels to it. Rope for pulling almost mandatory.
Here are some pictures:

The best of all? you or girlfriend can use it on the beach!!!!!

Buenos vientos

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